With eroding revenues and cut throat competition from OTT applications for the share of customer wallet, Telecom operators globally are moving towards “digital services” offering to its loyal customer base to increase productivity and encourage retention.

Telecom operators are facing a serious strategic challenge, whether to stay along traditional set of competencies and bank upon access provision or come up with a more imaginative and disruptive approach or cooperating and even competing with the OTTs. Working with OTTs will involve sharing of revenues however will definitely open up lucrative new revenue stream. Thus the focus is more towards business innovation in services instead of connectivity. Digital Services, Cloud and virtualization services and M2M solutions avenues Telcos are converging upon to enhance their revenues and retain customers.

As digitalization moves from an innovative trend to a core competency, enterprises need to understand and exploit platform effects throughout all aspects of their businesses. Not doing so will threaten their ability to: deliver; attract and retain talent; and have their products/services perceived as value-adding by customers.

Hedge Soft is aware that future organizational sustainability of corporations will depend in their digital transformation road map. Digital advances such as analytics, mobility, social media and smart embedded devices – and improving use of traditional technologies such as ERP– to change customer relationships, internal processes, and value propositions are key to organizational modernisation. Digitalization is offering a disruptive and effective approach to differentiate and excel.

While many experts urge companies to get started on the digital transformation journey, few tell how to do it. Although large traditional firms are truly different from digital entrants, many are starting to transform their businesses successfully through digital technology. Specifically, companies face common pressures from customers, employees and competitors to begin or speed up their digital transformation. However they are transforming at different paces with different results.

Hedge Soft offers a successful digital transformation practice byenabling organizations to take advantage of the possibilitiesthat new technologies provide. The practice envisions that digital transformation initiatives are centered on re-defining customer experience, operational processes and business models.

Hedge Soft has partnered with international Digital Services Platforms providers and is presently deploying innovative revenue intensive services to Telco and Enterprise in Pakistan.