Information Security

An enterprise has diversified information security management needs. Maintaining a workforce to cater for all information security requirements is both cost prohibitive and unnecessary. This need is addressed by a partner information security consulting practice.

The information security landscape is an ever changing space and new threats emerge almost daily and have to be countered immediately. This is a complex effort and requires specialists to do the job.

Hedge Soft is aware of these ever evolving information security needs and has a team of proficient information security specialists to establish a robust defence and control mechanism.

Our practice involves creating a vigilant “Cyber Security Strategy”, aligned with the overall organization corporate strategy. The “Cyber Security Strategy” caters for security for data, end points and web applications to cover all possible avenues for a cyber attack.

We also offer specialized solutions for DLP “Data Leak Prevention” to counter an attempts from data theft or leakage carried out by internal resources. The solution offers real time dash boards with a consolidated view of the entire enterprise infrastructure. A web browser allows access from any part of the globe. All escalations visible on a panoramic view for a swift action.

The main areas of a Cyber Security Strategy offered by Hedge Soft typically involves:

    • Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity Planning
    • Formal trainings and awareness of personnel to make information security part of organizational
    • Establishing a resilient Enterprise Risk and Compliance Framework
    • Building an optimal security program management strategy
    • Framework for Enterprise Incident Management
    • Mechanism to identify and management cyber security threats and vulnerabilities.