IT Outsourcing

IT outsourcing offers several advantages to organisations. It helps in reduction and control of operating costs and allows the corporate to improve its focus on its core competencies. IT outsourcing enables access to a team of professionals onboard an IT outsourcing company as compared to few in house individuals on board with fixed skill set. Also, at time internal resources for matching expertise are not on board or cannot be hired due to the short term nature of the projects involved. Other benefits include outsourcing during restructuring phase to bridge the skill gap created by retrenchments, out sourcing functions that are complex and beyond the core competence of the organisation and outsourcing risk management.

Hedge Soft is alive to these organizational needs and maintain a pool of experts to cater for diversified IT outsourcing needs.

In addition to IT process outsourcing , Hedge Soft has a pool of professional software developers at its disposal. The team has created several useful products related to video surveillance, remote site management, virtual stores, Fleet monitoring, crowd monitoring and Energy NOC.

Hedge Soft is now venturing into software development in areas of high international demand like Cloud Computing , Data Analytics and IOT applications.